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spa, jacuzzi, hot tub, services, repair

Common Faults

spa, jacuzzi, hot tub, services, repair


Common faults

  • Low Flow (LF, FLO, FL, FL1, or three flashing dots) - Are your filters clean and in good condition. Check to see if the circulation pump is still moving the water around when calling for heat. Is there enough water in the hot tub? Your pressure switch it may need adjusting if you have one.

  • Heater Dry or Overheat (OH, OHH, HFL, DY, DRY) - Is the pump still circulating? Have you bled all the pumps and heater of air? Have you checked your filters?

  • Sensor Errors (SN, SNT, SNH, SNS, S1, S2) - Sensor errors are often due to sensor failure but sometimes can be a problem with the Circuir Breaker.

  • Circuir Breaker - tripping electrics - When does it trip? Is there a set pattern? If it trips when you press a particular button it can usually be the component you are trying to operate. Check if the spa trips when the heat indicator comes on as this may indicate a problem with the heater.

  • Leaking Spa - How much water is it losing over 24hrs or a week? Have you taken off the inspection panel to see where it is coming from? Have you checked to see if the connections are all tight?

  • When was the last time you had it serviced?

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